Can I Protect All My Computer Files With Carbonite Backup?

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carbonite-online-backup-02Perhaps, one of the worst feelings that you can experience is losing all of your important files, music, photos, and other media files just because you forgot to use a proper backup plan. Today, with the use of the Carbonite online backup service, you will be able to secure all of your computer files without any worries.

Carbonite online backup is a service that provides its users with an unlimited space for backup, which you can get for a reasonable price. The program aims to help you in protecting your files whenever you use and connect your computer to the World Wide Web. There are many benefits that you can get by simply using this for your everyday computer work. A lot of businesses use Carbonite Business backup while some use carbonite pro backup for all their business computers.

Easy Setup

You don’t have to worry about setting up this backup file service because now, it is easy to use. You are also offered with a free trial that you can use for a maximum of days. According to the business backup experts at, there are step-by-step installation instructions that will guide you through when installing Carbonite.

Continuous Backup of Files

After setting it up, your online backup system will automatically and continuously back up all of your important files. You will not worry about sorting out the new and the old files anymore. As long as you are connected in the Internet, its work will continue.

Secure Data Transfer

Carbonite will encrypt all of your data before leaving your PC. These encrypted data will then be transmitted to be stored using a secure connection. This is the same kind of secure connection used in different banks.

Very Affordable

Carbonite is very affordable. For as little as the price of a fast food lunch a month, you can protect all your valuable computer files. Use a carbonite offer code to get more savings on a subscription to the home plan. For businesses or small companies, you can use a special business offer code to get some great savings on the business plan. Furthermore, there is always a Carbonite offer code that is available and offered to most businesses by the company so it would be wise to use one to get some significant savings.

File Recovery

Using this online backup service, you will be able to recover files that you have accidentally deleted in the past 3 months. You can simply locate your deleted files from your online backup account. With just a click, you will be able to recover these files. This can be done because the system stores your deleted files for up to three months before it permanently remove them from the server.

Smartphone Access

The good thing about using this online backup service is that you do not have to always be in front of your computer just to access and backup your files. You can also use your smartphone in doing these kinds of work. This way, you are given an access whenever you like, wherever you go. You can simply download and install a free mobile app so you can access your files using your mobile phone.

Can I Prevent Data Loss With Carbonite Backup?

carbonite-backupWhat’s in your computer? You may have precious photos of your kids, memorable videos, important financial documents, or cool music all stored in your computer.  One thing for sure, everything in your computer is very important to you. Losing any of your valuable files could really hurt you.

How To Protect All Your Valuable Files

You can’t really rely on your computer to protect all your valuable files. At some point you would need to back up all your files to ensure total protection. Backing up all your computer files is the only way to ensure that everything is safe.

Knowing that all your computer files are backed up somewhere gives you a good feeling of security.  So if something happens to your computer or hard drive, you know that all your files can still be accessed and retrieved. There’s just no doubt that backing up all your files is the best way to protect all your valuable files.

How To Back Up Files

While it’s a fact that backing up all your computer files is the only way to totally protect computer files, the next question is how to do it. How can you actually back up all your computer files?

Some of you may still be relying on external drives; patiently backing up each and every computer file. Needless to say, this is a time consuming process. Manually transferring each and every file to an external  drive is not a joke. Repeating the same process to update all your files is just too tedious as well.

To make matters worse, external drives are not exempted from any breakage. So even if you backup all your files to an external drive on a regular basis, you still don’t have the total file protection. Keep in mind that you can lose your external drive anytime.

So how can you actually back up to totally protect all your computer files? The answer is simple.  You are better off backing up online with Carbonite. Carbonite backup service is the most practical way to safeguard all your computer files. In no time, all your files are automatically backed up online. You wouldn’t have to do anything else. The automatic setting of Carbonite backup does everything for you.

Why Choose Carbonite Backup?

It is true that there are a lot of other online backup service providers. So why should you choose Carbonite backup?

The answer is very simple. Carbonite backup has a fixed annual rate that is very affordable. To add more to that great feature, it also provides unlimited online backup protection. This means that for a fixed annual rate, all your files can be backed up online. There’s just no end to the online backup capacity of Carbonite.

Stop Data Loss Now

Carbonite makes backing up so easy. It guarantees full file protection without you having to do anything. Given all the features of Carbonite backup, you can’t deny that it is the best way to stop data loss.

What Is Carbonite Backup All About?

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In this day and age, storing backup files is very essential. We need to backup our computer files in case of some unexpected and unfortunate incident wrecks havoc on our personal computers. By doing so, we’ll be able to retrieve and recover our files, most especially the important ones.

There are a lot of companies that offer online backup solutions these days. As such, people should be more informed with regard to the advantages and disadvantages that these solutions provide.

Did you know that you can get unlimited storage that comes with a much lower plan for just the same service as with the high-cost backup storage products? If you haven’t checked Carbonite yet, then you’re missing out on a great software that can truly provide you peace of mind. Carbonite backup is one of the most reliable online backup providers in the market.

Being a person with tons of files that need to be protected, I turned to this product with high hopes of having a backup solution that is easy to access and most importantly, hold large amounts of files. Carbonite has been a revelation to me. I am really impressed with this software. Below are reasons why I love using this online backup solution:

Unlimited Storage

Who wants a backup solution with a limit? It’s only natural that we would look for something that can actually handle all the files stored on our computers, no matter how much and big they are. This is actually the main reason why I use this service.

I store files such as music files, videos, photos and all of my work files and these amount to hundreds of gigs. Due to the unlimited storage space that this service provides, I don’t have to worry at all about adding more and more files to my computer.

Quickly Access and Restore Files

Once the files have been backed up, accessing them from any computer is very easy. All I need to do is to log-in to the website and I can access any files that I want. It’s guaranteed hassle-free. There are no complicated steps.
The files are setup on Carbonite’s servers the way they are setup on my computer so accessing or recovering files is easy. I have never encountered any problems whenever I need to access or restore any of my files.


There are three very affordable annual plans.

The first one is “Home” which costs just $59.99 per year. It is the basic setup with all the essentials. The next one is “HomePlus,” just $99.99 per year where you can get a local backup of your software programs and operating system. Lastly is the “HomePremier” which only costs $149.99 per year. It provides all the essential features plus a copy of your backup which is shipped straight to your house (anywhere in the United States) if ever you find yourself needing to restore your computer as soon as possible. If you want to get started using Carbonite, use this carbonite offer code for all your home computer files. For business, use this carbonite business offer code to get a discount on Carbonite’s business solution.

If are thinking of getting Carbonite, then you are going in the right direction. More and more people are using Carbonite cause they have found that it truly is worth it.